"I am deeply invested in and continuously seeking to discover ways to capture and share the nostalgia that I associate with food. All of my favorite memories are of cooking disasters transformed into unforgettable experiences - they're situated around a boisterous table or found in kitchens where conversation and food are the highlight of celebrations large and small."

 - Nicole Du Bois


While working as an Executive Marketing Assistant for a privately held restaurant chain based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Nicole Du Bois became deeply intrigued by the culture surrounding and influencing food. Learning the ins and outs of the restaurant industry further fueled her curiosity and desire to document food and food culture.

Having already earned a BFA Photography degree from UNC-Greensboro in 2014, Nicole knew that she would need further education in commercial photography practices. This decision led her to the Photographic Technology program at Randolph Community College where she will graduate with an Associates Degree in Commercial Photography at the end of July 2018.

Her current focus is on documenting both editorial and commercial food stories using photography and multimedia. By combining her fine art background with commercial sensibilities, Nicole is working towards earning a position as a staff photographer/multimedia specialist for a national food publication.

Most recently, she completed an internship with OrderFire - a Charlotte based web series focused on the "Human Ingredient" and sharing the stories behind culinary talents, purveyors, and mixologists in the South East. Nicole will continue serving as a Production Assistant while finishing her degree.

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